I made it to Sweden the day before yesterday!  The flight wasn’t too horrible.  I left Denver International Airport at 4pm and 7 hours later I arrived in Iceland at 6am… where the hell did the night time go?!  It must have gone somewhere…!

It is pretty cold here but the sun has been shinning and everyone is outside!  I went cross country skiing yesterday on Storsjön… the 5th largest lake in Sweden.  There is also a small ski hill (2 runs) right in Östersund.  I hope to go up snowboarding sometime this week.  It is only 70 Kronor (about $10) for a ticket.

I will be here until the 22nd and then off to Italy.  It is too bad that english/spanish/italian/swedish don’t just mix together to make a language… I would be fluent if so.  I have so many languages mixed up in my head right now!

I have been slacking the last few days with my Italian learning.  I am going to get back into it today.  I haven’t really missed any days completely but I also haven’t really put that much effort into it.  I guess because I have been so tired.  Now that I am feeling a little more awake I am going to spend a good amount of time on it today.

That’s it for now!  Ciao!


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