Lovin’ Life

School started Monday.  One of the best decisions of my life to come here. I never thought it would happen but after 28 years in this world I feel I have finally found my place.  I have already learned so much in the 2 days I have been in class.  I would not want to be doing anything else.

Each day of school is split into two parts.

The fist half of the day is figure drawing. We haven’t started drawing from the figure yet, when we do I will be posting those drawings.  So far we are learning to find the gesture in a pose.  We have been drawing other people’s gesture drawings and then we moved on to finding the gesture from a finished drawing.  Kind of hard to explain but I think it will help a ton rather than just jumping straight into drawing the figure.  This school is all about starting simple and building on each step.

The second half of the day is dedicated to Bargue drawings.  They are used to train your eye.  You basically have to copy one of Charle Bargue’s drawings EXACTLY (I am talking down to fractions of millimeters).  You learn to gauge angles, distances, and value.  I feel I am getting better at seeing the proper angles and distances already and this is as far as I have gotten:


It might look a little off but the only reason is I wasn’t holding the camera 100% level.  Also, it might be kind of hard to see… that is because the initial stages must be kept super light so that it is easy to make changes.  I am going to start filling in the shadow tomorrow.  These normally take about 2 weeks to complete… I think I will be a little quicker because I am spending a few hours after class on it every day.

After the Bargue drawings (there will be 3, each time getting more complex) we move on to cast drawings.

Here is a picture of some students at work.  The girl in the middle is working on her cast drawing… normally it is set up next to the cast but here she is is just smoothing out parts that don’t require the reference I guess.


The school is littered with inspiration.  Every student there is creating amazing pieces of art…


(Uff wish my camera didn’t ruin this one… when you walk by this it takes a bit to figure out which is the still life and which is the painting)

I feel so lucky to be able to be attending this school and really hope that I will be able to continue to go for the whole length of the program.  It is going to be expensive though……


….yep, that was a full pencil… and it was the 3rd one already in 2 days… 1.3 euro each… can’t wait until I have to start buying oil paint and canvases.  Hah!

Hope everyone is doing great and thanks so much for your support! =)


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