Starting to See

A week and a few days in I already feel like I am starting to see things differently.  The exercises that we do in class really train your eye to see very subtle changes in angels and values.  I love how I can actually feel myself improving… can’t say enough about how excellent this school is.

I am tired so I am just going to post up a few pictures.  I really want to keep this blog going but don’t have much time… I am going to continue to try to post at least once per week though.

Here is my progress on the my first bargue.  This was actually taken earlier today… I have made some more progress today and I think I will be done by Friday (see previous post for explanation of why we make these copies).


Today I did a little extra life drawing from a model.  These were short poses which were a lot of fun.  In class everything we are doing takes a lot of time because we are training our eyes.  I am learning a lot from measuring and being super precise but it is nice to just make a drawing and not worry too much about how accurate it is.

(These were actually pretty small, about 7 or 8 inches… really hard to make faces look like faces when it is that small)




Sorry for the poor picture quality.  I just snapped quick pictures inside in artificial light so the quality isn’t so great.

I have been doing quick sketches in my sketchbook outside of class too but I will have to post those later because I haven’t taken pictures.  It is funny, after I get out of class I am not sick of drawing… all I want to do is scribble in my sketchbook.  Haha.  Even though class teaches us to be very accurate and measure everything, it inspires me to be loose and expressive.  I guess because class doesn’t allow it at all so when you get out it is freeing to just scribble.


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