Completed Bargue Drawing #2

Many people find these exercises incredible boring and while I see where they are coming from, I have to disagree.  Certain parts I find a little tedious/monotonous (like the measuring stage) but most of the time it is actually quite fun to find the correct shapes and values.

I think almost everyone enjoys looking up at clouds on a warm summer day and finding fun images in the abstract shapes that the clouds create.  Making these copies of Charles Bargues drawings are quite similar (and why they are so good at teaching you to draw from life).

So, while someone that passes by a student copying a drawing by Charles Bargue may think “Whats the point?” or “How boring!”  Just remember, the point is to learn to see correctly.  It is to learn to not draw that you think you see but what you actually see.  Also, they are not boring at all!  We may look like we are staring at someones drawing from the mid 1800s but we are actually looking at two headed frogs, birds with horns and sock puppets.

This is the best quality of photo I could take on a rainy day.  Hmph

Graphite: 2h, hb, 2b



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