Michelangelo Taught Me Patience Today

Ok, well maybe this is an exaggeration but I went to a museum called the Bargello today and found that I was able to draw the statues without a thought in my mind as to how long I had been drawing.  A lot of the time I get antsy when drawing and start to scribble a lot.  I think because these sculptures were so amazing I was much more patient… I could stare at these sculptures forever.

Here are my sketches for the day.  This was so fun!

Giambologna e Pietro Francavilla, “Firenze Trionfa Su Pisa”:


Michelangelo Buonarroti, “David-Apollo”:


Vincenzo Gemito, “Il Pescatore”:


Pietro Francavilla, “Giasone”:


And just a couple of pictures.  I wasn’t supposed to take pictures of the Michelangelos… I couldn’t resist.

Close up of Vincenzo Gemito’s “Il Pescatore”:


Michelangelo Buonarroti’s “David-Apollo” (wish I would have gotten a better angle, this piece flowwwws… but I had to hide… haha):



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