What is a “long pose” vs a “short pose”??

The blathering commences:

These terms are so general and I don’t even know when a “short pose” becomes a “long pose”!  My guess would be anything under an hour is considered a “short pose” while everything over is a “long pose”.  It is just crazy to me to call a 2 hour pose a long pose and also call a 5 week pose a long pose.  Also, to call a 45 minute pose a short pose seems pretty silly to me… I consider 1 minute to 5 or 10 minutes a short pose.  We should create new terms!  Or, I guess we could just say how long the pose was…  but even still, this is somewhat inaccurate when you take into consideration the model breaks and sharpening pencils when you drop them.

Anyways, i’ll shut up now.  Here is a two hour “long pose” that I did after class today at Angel Academy’s rival school (haha!).


Also, check back soon because I will be posting some fun end of the year stuff!


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