Last drawing of the term.

Here is my last drawing of my first trimester at Angel Academy.  It was a 2 week pose with Pamela as the model.  How does she stand in that position for so long and hold so still?!?  Very good work Pamela, you are a true professional.

I feel this drawing turned out slightly better than the one of Ronny.  I spent more time on the gesture drawing and I think it shows.  I definitely see errors in it (I won’t say what because then maybe you won’t notice!!  Haha!) but that really is the point.  If I didn’t make any mistakes there wouldn’t be any reason to keep learning.


On a side note, I went to Palazzo Pitti today to the Galleria d’Arte Moderna and it was (excuse the language) fucking amazing.  They even have a John Singer Sargent painting tucked away in a corner!  I sketched a bit while I was there so I will upload those soon.  If anyone has a chance to go to this museum, do it.  Almost every room has something incredible.


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