Gurney. Sketches. Figure copy. Moving forward.

Been a little while so here is a little update of everything I have been up to.

First, I read James Gurney’s book “Color and Light” (thanks for the recommendation Alvin!):


I thought this book was really great.  It makes color theory much less abstract than I thought of it before.  I recommend it to anyone… even if you aren’t an artist it is interesting to read about how the visual world works and really makes you see the world around you differently.  I think I will give color a shot here pretty soon!

I have been sketching pretty much every day even though I am working a ton.  A lot of my sketches are on little pads of paper at work that we use to take people’s orders.  I just throw them away after I sketch.  Here are a few from my sketchbook though.  All are pretty quick…. obviously (sorry for the poor quality photos).






I have also been working on my figure copy a little bit that I am doing for Angel Academy.  I am going to try and finish it before I go back next trimester.  The face needs to be fixed a lot and I see some major things that are off in the initial gesture but it is too late to fix now (I think the camera was tilted a bit as well so the image is a little distorted.. :x).


And lastly just a little news on my plans for the future.  I was accepted to a small art studio just outside of Asheville, North Carolina to study under master painter Angela Cunningham.  She is a really amazing artist and I feel very lucky to be one of her students.  I might even be her only student but more than likely there will be up to 3 of us.  I am headed there in December or January after I finish my 2nd trimester at Angel Academy of Art.

angela-cunningham-jazmine (1)


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