A lion drawn from life at the natural history museum.


4 thoughts on “RAWR!

  1. This was mostly a test to see whether I can post using my iPod… My computer decided to retire. If someone could leave a comment or email me that would be excellent… Is the image a relatively normal size or is it giant/tiny? And the quality of photo of image… Is it ok?

  2. On my screen, it’s about 7″x9″… It’s a bit grainy, but you get a good sense of the shading and line work. Maybe you should download a scanner app, like Genius Scan, and try using that.

  3. Cool, thanks for the feedback! I’ll check out that genius scan app Kevin, thanks for the suggestion. Dyanne, I got your message. Thanks! And trust me, I am right with you on trying to figure out technology! 🙂

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