Short pose Tuesday!

Short pose Tuesday!

Getting a little carried away with the picture editing! This was just a quick 20 minute block in.

Today was a break-through day for me, which is awesome because they are few and far between. Most days are failure after failure but today was different. I think it was because I started thinking about drawing differently. I started drawing from my imagination again which I haven’t done in a long time and I saw that all this life drawing has helped me improve. I have stopped worrying about making a shitty drawing which I think was a big hurdle for me to overcome. I am pushing myself really hard because I love art and this is what I want to do with my life. Sometimes I forget this (when tired or frustrated) and every now and then need to remind myself…. This is fun!

For some reason, and I don’t know if it has to do with this mindset change, I was also really able to see my bargue drawing today. I finished more on it today than I did all week…. It may not make sense to people that haven’t done one of these drawings before but today I was able to really see it. I should finally be done sometime next week.

Thanks for looking and don’t be afraid to leave me a comment if you have a question or something to say!


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