Shapes shapes shapes!

Here are a couple sketches from tonight’s short pose session. I started out the night with nothing working at all. I was really struggling. Then I remembered a quote I had read in Richard Schmid’s book (sorry to keep bringing him up but I am currently reading his book):

The procedure [direct painting] requires that our visual world be viewed as a kind of vertical jigsaw puzzle – a flat, two dimensional arrangement of coherent shapes, each with a specific color, value, and a set if edges – very much like what we experience by sitting too close to a big movie screen

I kept telling myself over and over to stop drawing the model in front of me and start drawing the shapes. For the last 30 to 45 minutes I was mostly in shape copying mode. It felt really great. Every now and then I would start trying to draw an arm or leg but would just remind myself, “it’s not an arm! It’s a shape!”

From now on I will consciously tell myself each time I am drawing from life to look at the shapes, not the object.

One drawing is 10 minutes and one is 15… Can’t remember which was which.




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