“Short” pose figures

Today the long pose model didn’t show up so we had a replacement model just for the day. We did two poses, each about an hour and 20 minutes I think. The second image is just an earlier stage of the figure on the right. I just liked the gesture so thought I would post…

Friday “long” pose

Just a 2 hour pose I did today. Trying to use what I have learned but using it in a different way. Happy with some things and bothered by other things with this one… Some of it looks far to structural. I guess that is from a weak gesture drawing. It is pretty hard to…

Mondays 3h pose

My short pose drawings are horrendous today so here is a 3 hour pose from yesterday. Nothing working for me today in short poses or on the cast… Frustrating.

Same pose front and back

Each drawing was around 10 to 12 hours.  It is the same pose/model but drawn from the exact opposite side of the room.  I struggled much more with the drawing on the left than the one on the right.  I need to spend more time with the gesture and proportions before I start filling in…

Fast figures

Just some quick poses today. We had Rebecca as our model and she was awesome! So many dynamic poses! These were all 5 minute ones. Wish I had a better way to take pictures of my work… This will have to do for now.

1 week pose.

Uff. Frustrated today. I have been working on a cast for a few weeks now and things aren’t going so smoothly (for those of you that dont know, a cast drawing is basically a still life of a plaster “statue”). I’ll just leave it at that. Trying to remind myself that with struggle, soon comes…

A few quick drawings

These are just a few quick drawings from yesterday’s short pose session. I feel like I learn a lot from these sessions. These are 5 and 10 minute poses. Can’t even tell which are which. Hah.