The art of practice.

When intensively studying drawing/painting the way we are here at Angel Academy of Art, that is, extremely precise measuring of proportion, values, edges, and colors, often we wonder why. What’s the point? We aren’t exactly creating what most would call “art”. There is very little creative freedom (there is some… Like choosing one of the many subtle differences in a pose that a model takes). Many people wonder why we are doing this?

The answer is actually quite simple but often goes over looked.

While an analogy can be made with many different fields, I prefer to think about it in terms of a musician. A musician doesn’t just take out their instrument of choice and effortlessly create a masterpiece. They practice scales, think about different musical theories and practice other compositions that masters have already created (even many of the so called prodigies are somewhat of a myth. Most practiced an insane amount before mastery was achieved). Only after practicing these fundamental skills can a musician begin to think about creating a masterpiece of their own. Drawing and painting is no different and it is a mystery to me as to why people think it is. A song with no structure is noise. A random assortment of food items is not a gourmet meal, it is garbage. And, randomly splattered paint on a canvas is not a piece of art, it is simply a mess. Ah, I digress. This shall be saved for a future discussion!

And so, remember that no matter how pretty a drawing or painting turns out here at Angel Academy, don’t be fooled, it is simply (ha, simply!) a well played scale. One day, if we keep practicing hard, we will be able to take these notes we have learned and create our own masterpieces. Hopefully. 😉


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