Done, Done and DONE (almost)

Whelp, I am officially done with my studies at Angel Academy, done with my last figure drawing, and as done as I’ll ever be with my cast drawing.  I learned a TON in the two trimesters I spent at Angel Academy and am now looking forward to learning heaps more with Angela Cunningham at her studio in Marshall, NC.

I finished my long pose figure drawing that took around 30-ish hours I guess.  I am pretty happy with how it turned out… I struggled a lot throughout the drawing and kept fixing problems over and over again which is great for learning purposes.  If there wasn’t any struggle there wouldn’t be any learning.  This is a 40 cm figure done with graphite on Canson paper.


I also almost finished my cast drawing.  I had to skimp on some things because I ran out of time.  It would have been nice to have another week to really get everything finished but it will have to do the way it is.  I learned TONS from doing this cast (which means I struggled tons).  The cast was done with Fusian Charcoal on Roma paper.



And a few details:



My friend Hemali took the pictures… I couldn’t have really made this post without her awesome camera skills.  Thanks!!

There may be a brief pause in posts for the next few weeks as I will be on the road but do check back soon.  I plan on sketching the next few weeks and will continue to update throughout my studies with Angela as well.  Thanks for following a long!



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