5 days 5 Bargues

Well hellloooo!  Been awhile eh?  Well, I have resolved some computer issues and now I am able to post as much as my little heart desires.  I should be updating regularly now!  Woot!

I am officially living in Marshall, NC.  The town is super tiny but so far I love it.  There are about 900 people that live here… 1 coffee shop, 1 restaurant, a bar that is sometimes open, a big river running right downtown and beautiful mountains and forest all around.  I am about 25 minutes from Asheville, NC which seems to be really cool.  Nice coffee shops, book stores, restaurants, bars and it appears to have a pretty big live music scene.

I started studying with Angela Cunningham ( http://www.angelacunninghamfineart.com ) in her studio and so far it is going GREAT.  She is an incredible teacher and a ridiculously good artist.  Every day I do a block in of a Charles Bargue drawing for the first half of the day (4 hours) and a cast drawing the 2nd half of the day (4+ hours).  Angela is very good at pointing out specifically what I do wrong and what I can keep in mind to not repeat the same mistakes.  I also really like that she not only explains what to do but WHY we do it.  There are definitely similarities between Angela’s way (The Grand Central Academy way) and the Angel Academy way, with a few major differences.  I will try and talk about the similarities and differences in future posts… I don’t want to go overboard with text in this blog!

Here are some pics of what I have been up to!

The building that the studio is in.  It is an old high school that is now studio spaces for 20+ artists:


These may not be so pretty to look at but I have been learning a TON from them.  Each one is a 4 hour block in.  They are all done with comparative measuring (no sight size) and the focus is on finding animal shapes… Measuring is really secondary.  By animal shapes (no i’m not crazy) I mean we break down the Bague into large abstract shapes and focus on finding things that look like animals.  The goal is to simplify the whole Bargue with straight lines and get all the proportions accurate.  I try really hard to focus on the bigger shapes before breaking them into smaller ones but I definitely get ahead of myself sometimes.


The 2nd half of the day is cast drawing.  I did one quicker 4 hour block in but now I am working on just one cast and completely rendering it out.  This pic was taken shortly before I started working on the tone… so pretty much the full block in.  Again, no sight size here… using comparative measurements.


Lastly, I went in to Asheville yesterday for a portrait session.  It was fun drawing from a model again… not going to be as frequent as it was in Florence… at least not anytime real soon.



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