Cast drawings, Bargue Drawing… and Fellowship!

Just  quick update of what I have been up to lately.  I am certainly slacking on the updates but don’t really want to bore you all with posting drawing exercises all the time.  I have been doing a lot of cast block ins.  Basically every day I just block in the same cast from a different perspective and try to get my proportions accurate.  I think i am getting better but still struggle.



Some days I just work on doing copies of the Bargue figures.  Focusing on the same things.  These help a lot for when I draw from the live figure.  I try to copy them in the same way that I would be drawing from the figure… focusing on the main big proportions and using the main anchor points that wouldn’t be moving around a lot on a live figure.



I do figure drawing every Saturday and now we just started one on Wednesdays as well.  I don’t have much to show… here is one from last Wednesday (not very pleased with how it turned out… oh well).



Lastly, I have a little news that I am pretty excited about.  I was accepted into Grand Central Academy’s Hudson River Fellowship.  I’ll be going to New Hampshire the last two weeks of July to hang out in a Cabin with 20 other artists and go landscape drawing and painting.  I am really looking forward to it!  I hope to pick some brains and learn as much as I can from the other students.  🙂  Here is a link to the website if anyone is interested in seeing what it is all about:

Thanks for stopping by!


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