2 hour portrait drawing and more…

Been slacking on the updates… oops.  I have to get back to the studio but wanted to post just a few things before I do.

Here is a 2 hour portrait drawing I did on Wednesday.  I think that it actually turned out fairly well even though it was only 2 hours.  I was happy that I actually got a likeness with this one.  His posture was sort of leaning back with his chin tucked down so it kind of looks funky with just a headshot.


Here is just a quicker sketch I did from my imagination.  Eek, I haven’t worked from my imagination hardly at all but it is fun to do sometimes.  I had this idea for an imagination machine and wanted to create it… so did this drawing.  You just hook it up to your head and start imagining and it just spews everything out into the “real” world.  It’s going into production next week after a few little tweaks… keep your eye out for the infomercial.

IllustrationAaaaaand…. the progress on my next cast drawing.  This one has been a bitch so far and I think it is only going to get harder.  I actually learned a ton struggling with this block in though so I can’t complain.  (It is a hand by the way… not sure if that is apparent or not… hah.)




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