Figure Drawings

I haven’t been updating much because I am working on a bunch of longer drawings so don’t have anything finished to show really.  I did do a couple figure drawings… one I am somewhat happy with how it turned out… the other not so much.  Figured I would show them both anyways (I don’t like the reclining one… and no, she didn’t really have a santa claus hat on).



Also thought I would just show my little corner of the studio.  Most of the stuff that is sitting around is stuff that I have done but there are 1 or 2 that are other peoples work that are up just for examples.


Just yesterday I got the last few things that I need in order to start landscape painting!  Woooot!  I am excited to learn a little about paint as I have been drawing in graphite pretty intensively for the last year.  I am still not to the painting portion of the Angela’s curriculum but figured I would just try and learn a little on my own (with books) outside of class and pick Angela’s brain evernow and then when I get confused.  Expect to see some paintings soon… I plan on posting even the really horrible ones so that I can keep track of my progress.




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