Completed block in and sketchbook

I finished this block in of Kaira yesterday.  I think I will transfer it to a nicer piece of paper and render it out a bit.  I don’t know how many more sessions we will have so I don’t know how far I will get on it.


I also made a sketchbook!  Wooot!  Thanks to my girlfriend who has the skills and the tools to get the job done.  Pretty excited about this as I always wanted a giant sketchbook like this!


Aaaaand just a one of my first pages from the sketchbook.  A couple quick sketches from the coffee shop… yes the guy in the bottom center really did look like that.  This page looks a little funky because I had to up the contrast a ton for the pencil to show up on camera… it is actually sketched pretty lightly.



Thanks for stopping by and sorry for such infrequent posts.  I don’t have a lot time to post and I don’t have a lot of stuff to post as I mostly just draw from the cast every day… and those are probably incredibly boring for people to look at.  I might post some finished block ins soon just for the hell of it.


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