Graphite drawing of hand cast… FINITO!

Woot!  Just finished the hand cast drawing I have been working on for the last few months.  I wish I could get a better photo of it but this is the best I can do (most of the subtleties have been washed out) .  Perhaps I should learn a little about photography… hmmmm.


handdetail1 handdetail2The plan from here on is to do three completed block ins (almost done with the 1st) of portrait casts and then choose one of the three to do my last fully rendered cast drawing in graphite.  Sometimes I feel a bit ridiculous spending so much time on drawing with graphite as I have been doing it pretty intensively for over a year now but I think in the end it will be super beneficial.  I am still learning a ton and feel I am getting more accurate with both my shapes and my values… it can only help for when I move on to painting… which should be by the end of the summer!

Thanks for following my blog!  I plan on updating more frequently so please do check back soon!


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