Portrait cast block in #1


Here is block in 1 of 3.  I will be doing 3 block ins of portrait casts before choosing one to take to completion.

For anyone that is interested the steps are basically:

1: Envelope – you draw a general shape with straight lines that the over all cast will fit in to.  This is to place your drawing the size you want on the page.

2: Big Shapes – break the cast down into 3 or 4 big shapes.  Again, only use straight lines.

3: Measure – Find your half mark on the cast, adjust your drawing to fit closer.  Flip the half and find where it lands horizontally from both the left and right side of your cast, adjust your drawing.  Do the same with the quarters.

4:  Animal Shapes and Alignments –  While this is listed as number 4 I find it quite helpful to be looking at animal shapes the whole time.  The idea is to change the abstract shapes you are seeing into animal shapes.  It really helps get the proportions and tilts accurate because each animal has its own personality and you can match the personality of the animal much easier than an abstract shape.

After you go through these steps you slowly start to break down the big shapes in to medium sized shapes and continue the same process until you are drawing all the tiny ones.  ALWAYS draw with straight lines.  It is very difficult to estimate a curve and much easier to estimate a straight line.  If you look hard enough you can find straight lines everywhere… even in very subtle curves and circles.

I hope someone finds this a little helpful and hope it makes some sense.



One thought on “Portrait cast block in #1

  1. That animal shape step is really interesting. I can understand how matching the personality of the animal is easier (and more fun) than matching an abstract shape. Thanks for the tips!

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