First attempts at painting

I decided to try and do a few little quick paintings just for fun.  And by a little, I mean little… these are just 4×5 inches.  I know they are bad but I want to document my progress on here.  I have an insane amount to learn about painting.  It is exciting.

I think I am going to try monochromatic with my next one and then glaze over some colors after I get the values and edges right.  I feel like get so caught up in trying to mix the right color that the values and edges get lost…. and the color is inevitably wrong because I don’t know what I am looking at and I don’t know how to mix what I think I am looking at.  🙂

P1110387 P1110388 P1110389


Thanks for watching!  If anyone has any recommendations for painting books/dvds/youtube vids/etc please feel free to share in the comments!



2 thoughts on “First attempts at painting

    • Thanks! I guess technically they are not my very first attempts. I have tried a few times in the past but it was always about 15 minute efforts and then giving up. This is the first time I have forced myself to spend at least an hour on a painting. I definitely am going to do as many of these as I can find time for. I found a good youtube video explaining the color wheel and how to mix colors. It is definitely basic but quite helpful and clear.

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