Green Monsters on the Blue Ridge Parkway

I took a trip up the Blue Ridge Parkway last weekend to go camping.  If you haven’t been on the Blue Ridge Parkway then you don’t know how irresistible the views are.  I mean, hell, the parkway was made for no other reason than to give us human-folk an awesome view.  On this particular evening, the sunset was simply incredible.  The clouds were glowing with an orange-ish hue and the distant mountains were flooded by a warm grey (I think?!).  I felt my painting was going OK, not great… but OK, until all of the sudden a giant GREEN furry monster decided to jump into my view.  I felt I had to be true to nature at the time and include him in my painting….. hence the giant green furry monster in the bottom right corner.


Stay tuned ya’ll (that’s right, I’m southern now) I am in the process of building a pretty kick-ass pochade box and will share some pics of it with ya’ll soon!




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