Painting Box Almost Complete!

I have almost finished “making” my pochade box for plein air painting!  I had made a different one but after using it a few times I realized it was quite a bit smaller than I would like.  I found this really beautiful hand carved oak box on ebay and scored it for only $9.50!

The first thing I did after receiving it was cut a palette to fit just about perfect on the inside.  I wanted the palette as large as possible so I have a big mixing area (the biggest issue with my last box).  I glued some supports on the inside with wood glue so that the palette is elevated and there is storage for brushes underneath.  The palette is just cheap balsa wood that I sanded and stained with polyurethane… should work perfectly.

I also added some stronger hinges to the back, put in the 1/4” T-nut so that I can attach it to a tripod (just found out I need to glue that baby in!  eek!) and put a little flat metal piece on the side bottom that I can attach to the top side with a wing nut when propped open so that I can use the back as an easel.  The support for the panel on inside is just a board that I cut some slits into and then attached two picture hangers to a rubber-band.  This allows me to stretch it to any size and it holds the panel nice and secure.

I can’t wait to get out and paint with it!  All she needs now is a little glue to hold the T-nut in place and a nice name.  Suggestions?



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