Portrait Drawings

Wish I could stay more consistent with updates.  I have no excuses – I simply slack when it comes to documentation.  I have been working a part time job the last few weeks which just gives me more motivation to work harder at my art so that I can do that full time.

I have been working on a longer portrait drawing every Monday and Friday for all of October of Don.  He is a great model – holds still like a statue and is incredibly kind.  I really like drawing older people as well which makes Don pretty much the perfect model.

This is a Work In Progress.  I still have 2 or 3 more sessions with him… hoping to at least complete the face (minus the hair and shirt).  Will post a better picture once I finish it.


I also did a 5 hour block in today of Melody.  She is a great model as well.  We have had her pose a few times – she can hold some pretty tough poses without showing her pain which is great! 🙂


I am currently working on my first cast painting as well but it is pretty rough right now so I don’t think I will post it… at least not yet.  I do feel like I am starting to get a little better at application but I have a looooong way to go.

Thanks for checking my blog!  I will update soon with a finished drawing of Don, possibly my cast painting, and some landscape sketches soooooo –  check back soon!


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