Cast Painting and Some Big Changes

Well hello fellow followers!  Been awhile… I have no excuses.  I am currently going through some major changes so expect the blog to change quite a bit over these next days, weeks and months.

I just recently stopped studying with the artist I have been studying with for about a year; Angela Cunningham.  She is an incredible teacher and I learned SO much from her.  If anyone ever has a chance to take a workshop from her or if they are lucky enough to be able to study full time with her, I highly recommend it.

Here is my last cast painting that I completed in the studio.  I struggled with this but in the end I think it turned out OK.  There are definitely lots of things I see wrong with it but at some point you have to move on and accept the level you are at.  I can see my progress from when I started to where I finished which is always nice.



Now that I am finished studying with Angela I am going to focus on still life and landscape painting (as well as sneak in portrait and figure as much as possible).  I am just starting to learn about color and how to match what I am seeing… keeping hue, value and chroma under control can be incredibly daunting but I know I will get it down if I keep studying hard.

I will post my color studies as soon as I get things rolling.  Please stick with me… I think blogs always have ups and downs and while this one has been about as active as a sloth on Valium, I feel like things are going to pick up pretty soon!


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