The Window Shutter Panel Drying Rack!

Alright, alright… time to dust off this old blog and get some updates rollin in.

I just recently bought a Plein Air Pochade box from a gentleman in Missoula, MT that hand builds painting boxes.  The box will hold 2 to 4 wet panels (depending on thickness of panels) in the lid portion and can hold an 18 x INFINITY (or at least pretty wide) on the main panel holder.

I decided to prepare a bunch of panels so that I have a stock pile of them for whenever I need one.  Mostly I decided to do this because I have a can of Gamblin Oil Ground that I need to use up and painting a ground with an oil based paint takes a LONG time to dry.

ANYWAYS… After starting to prime some of these panels I ran out of drying space so I decided to build a drying rack!

I made this with two old window shutters, a few pieces of spare wood and the metal strips from a stack of old file folders.  Total cost: $3.  Works like a charm!


Soon enough these blank panels will be filling up with painting and I plan on posting most of them here… so… stick around!


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