A few Plein Air Paintings…

I am really getting into painting outside!  It really beats being inside in a dark studio… at least when it is so nice outside!  I know that controlling your environment with a single light source is a huge help for learning to draw and paint but at some point I think it is important to make an attempt to capture the real world; how it really is.

That said, landscape painting is incredibly difficult.  While continuing to figure out the medium I must also figure out how to solve problems such as changing light conditions, simplifying information, bugs taking oily baths on the palette, etc etc.

Here are a few of my most recent plein air attempts.  I have a LONG journey in front of me.

Catawba FrenchBroad1


6 thoughts on “A few Plein Air Paintings…

    • Awesome! Yeah, do it! 🙂 It is incredibly challenging and way out of my comfort zone as well… that is a good reason to give it a try. We won’t get better at things we avoid doing. Plus, it is just really nice to slow down and take in your environment for a bit while enjoying being outside.

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