They weren’t joking when they said….

…it is important to get good photos of your work.  All 2D and 3D artists have heard it a hundred times before; get good photographs of your work so that you can accurately show the world what you create.  I believed it before but I guess I just didn’t take it too seriously.  This post is just to show you the difference between a good photograph and a bad one.

On this blog I have been taking quick snapshots of everything I do.  After fiddling with my camera for a bit and reading a few tutorials, I have finally figured out how to get good (or at least better) pictures of my 2 dimensional artwork.

From this point forward expect to see much higher quality photos.  Woooooooot! 🙂

The image that I took before with my camera on automatic settings:


And much more accurate image:



4 thoughts on “They weren’t joking when they said….

    • Hey Braelik, thanks for the comment. I was asked this on my facebook page as well ( so I will just copy and paste my reply from there. I definitely haven’t gotten it down to an art yet but at least I know what to fiddle with now.

      “It definitely is tricky and not sure how much I can help without seeing your exact camera.

      I basically changed the setting to Manual rather than Automatic. Then I adjusted the white balance (probably the biggest improvement). After that I just started by setting the F stop to 5.6 and the shutter to 1/30 and then adjusted based on the internal light monitor in my camera.

      Oh yeah, and set two 5000k lights up with diffusion paper at 45 degrees on each side of your painting.

      I pretty much knew these things but never took the time to research my camera and figure out exactly how to make these adjustments with it.

      Hope this helps!”

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