Kadin Goldberg is a landscape painter from the Rocky Mountains of south central Montana.  After graduating from the University of Montana, Missoula with a B.A. in Psychology, he decided to pursue his childhood passion of art.  He studied portrait and figure drawing at the Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy and continued his studies at Angela Cunningham’s Fine Art Studio in North Carolina.  While primarily a self taught painter, his technical training in traditional drawing techniques informs his current body of work.  Today Kadin almost exclusively paints “en plein air” and enjoys reading, playing guitar and hiking.


This blog is to keep a record of my progress as an artist and craftsman.  Not only is it to keep a record but also to connect with other artists.  I find it inspiring to see the work of others that have similar goals as my own and so I attempt to inspire others with my work and/or my dedication.  This blog is also an attempt to get critiques.  Every artist, regardless of what stage the are at in their career, can always improve.  I am always open to hearing how my work could be improved.  If you are an artist, or even if you aren’t, and you see something that could be improved, please let me know.  It could be general or specific, everything helps.

I hope you can find something you like within these pages; be it an image, an article, or a reference to a different artist.  If you are an artist yourself, please send me a link to your work so I can follow you on your journey.

Thanks for visiting!

Kadin T. Goldberg


One thought on “About

  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog! It’s interesting reading about your exercises in art school, since I never had any formal art education of the sort you are getting. You really have a good touch with the portraiture!

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