Kadin the Electrician

I know all the thousands of followers of this blog have been anticipating my return.  Well here I am!  My computer had stopped charging and it took some time for me to figure out what was wrong.  The issue was a faulty power charger.  I looked into purchasing a new one but here in Italy they cost about 40 Euro which is about $50.  Being as dirt poor as I am… and a little stupid… I decided to fix it myself!

Here are my handy tools: Plyers (for the wire cutter part), electrical tape, a knife and….. nail clippers!

I noticed a little bulge in the power cord close to where it plugs into the computer.  I decided to dissect it and found the insides a little mangled.

This part of the cord was a little too close to that black little cylinder to expose more wire… So I just cut that little thing off and threw it away.  I don’t see why a cord needs a little black cylinder thingy anyways. 😉

After this I just clipped away some of the plug portion and got down to where the solder was.  I don’t have a soldering kit but I have a knife and some tape.  I cut a little notch around the solder and in the rubber and then just wrapped the wire around it and then wrapped tape around that.

Anyways, long story short.  I have POWER!!!

Haha, don’t worry… I won’t leave it plugged in when I am not around… and I plan on getting a new charger when I go back to the states.

Check back soon for art updates!  I plan on updating reeeeeally soon!


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