Building People on Paper

Each drawing is 30 cm tall and all done in life drawing class.  Kind of boring to look at but they are to learn about proportions.  We spend a lot of time focusing on angles and measuring… it can be quite frustrating but I think I am getting better! Click to make HUGE! Advertisements

Pictures and Drawings

Florence in the spring. My favorite spot. My room. Waiting at the police station to get my Permesso di Soggiorno. Mike.  (hope you don’t mind buddy) Liv drawn left handed. (hope you don’t mind either friend!)

Quick Crap Sketches

A bunch of crap quick sketches.  Like I said earlier, when I get done with class the last thing I want to do is focus on being accurate with my drawings.  I think the accuracy will come naturally later… these are to stay loose. Two things:  I do not have a super bike from the…

1st Bargue Drawing Finished

I finished my first Bargue drawing today (mine is far right in case it isn’t obvious).  Unfortunately you can’t see much of the subtle detail but these are really for learning and not so much viewing so it doesn’t really matter. Just to reiterate in case you are wondering why the hell I am just…

Starting to See

A week and a few days in I already feel like I am starting to see things differently.  The exercises that we do in class really train your eye to see very subtle changes in angels and values.  I love how I can actually feel myself improving… can’t say enough about how excellent this school…